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Let's face it. A lot of popular brands offer wonderful results yet majority of the time it can result in being cost effective. While these items hold so much value because they are highly beneficial, saving money can be equally important. I mean who doesn't love a good deal right!? Ok I mean at least I do. Hi we are Wonderful Blessings Company. We sell Personal Care goods, Home goods and General Merchandise. Our store consists of both branded and unbranded merchandise. Our goal is to make the shopping experience much better for everyone. With our unique finds, we make your convenience much easier.

our story

our vision


Giving is very purposeful, for all parties involved. There is an unexplainable feeling derived from it. Talking about giving. It was my moms birthday and I wanted to do something special. I wanted to get creative and I prayed about it. Then it hit me: I'll get her a personal care gift. I asked a wonderful friend of mine for recommendations. As usual she gave me, valuable information. I ended up purchasing a cleanser from La Mer followed by a excellent moisturizer by Drunk Elephant. The quality is superb but overall in some fashion it opened my eyes to how pricey essentials can be. Because of that moment and the opportunity to fo-fill someones need, it gave me space to realize the need of helping others get value while getting better prices. I eventually did research and ended up creating a brand that signifies our purpose. Hi my name is Angel Comelli founder of Wonderful Blessings LLC, it's great to get acquainted with you and we love what we are doing.

Two categories: One store


We combined two categories both Home goods and Personal care because they are so relevant and relatable in todays world. You cant go around taking care of yourself or home improvement. We are improving the consumer experience by selling one of a kind merchandise.

Sometimes your daily duties limit your ability to shop in person. We save you the time by doing online shopping instead. So go ahead shop around with confidence knowing we are investing in your best interests and handle your purchases with great care.

Personal Care

WE Specializes IN Q U A L I T Y


Our Personal Care sells, skincare such as perfumes, cologne for men, personal maintenance, hair products, serums, lip care, eye care, facial care and much more!!

We sell trusted and established brands such as Tatcha, La Mer, Fresh, YvesSaint Laurent, OUAI, Laneige, and much more!! Get excited in self care with us.

Home Goods & General Merchandise

u n i q u e finds.


Our Home Goods and General Merchandise offers home decor, vases, jewelry trays, pillow cases, plateware, kitchenware, cupware, coasters, phone cases, and much more. Blessings await you.

our mission

Wonderful Blessings LLC exists for the sole purpose of offering quality products that are meaningful and beneficial. Established since 2021. We our located in Beverly Hills California. Our goal as a company is to be a blessing to others by giving instant savings. The integrity of company is based on providing world class customer services while giving accurate descriptions of our products, out standing communication skills and handling your goods with great care including wonderful packaging. Our operations consists of practicing healthy sanitation protocols for quality assurance. We partner up with celebrities and influencers to give you accurate information regarding our products, so you can gain to insight and information about the merchandise we sell.

Shipping Handled with care

All orders are shipped from Los Angeles, California. We use carriers such as USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, and major retail Fast Trac. Most orders are shipped with-in 1-3 days.